Laboratory for Advanced Research in Yoga and Vascular Physiology is a State-of-the-Art Lab in the Department of Physiology. It includes high-end instruments for assessing the vascular health in humans and trained staff. The primary aim of the laboratory is exploring the mechanism of vascular dysfunction and to evaluate the integrative approaches (mainly Yoga) that restores heart and vascular function.

Currently, we are investigating the effect of Yoga based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on endothelial system, arterial stiffness, gut-microbiome, gut-heart-mind axis, with an aim to explore the efficacy and underlying molecular mechanism of yoga on heart and vascular health in patients with heart failure.

We are also interested to determine the efficacy and mechanism of yoga on the aging process with an emphasis on cardiovascular aging.

Dr. Satish G Patil, Associate Professor
Dr. Sumaya, Research Associate
Dr. Vindya Shetty, Senior Research Fellowship
Ms. Laxmi Patil, Junior Research Fellowship
Ms. Pooja Katti, Research Assistant
Mr. Shankeraiah, Research Assistant
Ms. Anupama, Research Assistant
Sl No Title of the Project Funded by/Collaborator Grant Amt (Yes/No)
1 Endothelial System Response to Yoga based Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in Patients with Heart Failure: A Mechanistic Randomized Controlled Trial K-Fist-L2 VGST Yes
2 Effectiveness of Yoga based Cardiac Rehabilitation programme (Yoga CaRe) in Heart Failure: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial ICMR Yes
3 Developing and testing a Collaborative Quality ImProvement (C- QIP) initiative for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in India NIH, USA Yes
4 Treatment Optimisation for blood Pressure with Single-Pill combinations in India (TOPSPIN Trial) Imperial College of London, UK
5 Comparison of the Effects of Three Single Pill Combinations of two drugs Therapies on Aortic Stiffness and Central Arterial Pressure in Indian Patients with hypertension: A Substudy of TOPSIN Trial Imperial College of London, UK & SDM University Yes
6 Normal Values for Measures of Arterial stiffness in Young and Middle-aged Healthy Indian Population (In collaboration with IIT- Madras, India) SDM University & IIT-Madras Yes
7 Effect of Yoga based cardiac rehabilitation program on Endothelial genes expression and DNA methylation (Yoga EndOmics) in patients with heart-failure. (In Collaboration with DIMHANS, Dharwad) DIMHANS Dharwad, Karnataka Yes
8 Meditation for endothelial function : A systematic review and meta-analysis SDM University In kind support