Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Services

Radio Diagnosis & Imaging Services

About the Department & Specialty:

Established : April 2005

The Department of Radio-diagnosis at SDMCMSH is a state-of-the-art facility with highly sophisticated equipment, advanced applications with vastly experienced faculty where all types of emergencies are evaluated. The basic foundation of the department was established under the vigilant eyes of Senior & renowned Radiologist Dr. S. K. Joshi, who also was the first Head of the Dept. He guided his able team into building the department brick by brick. He has also trained many present-day leading Radiologists in India and abroad in their initial days in the field of Radio-diagnosis.
Dr. Narendrakumar Shah, took over the reins of department as HOD & led it with perseverance under whom many young Radiologists blossomed to their full potential. Dr. Preetam Patil the dynamic present HOD is carrying on with a vision to advance the department to the next level as a centre of excellence. The projects in pipeline include – establishing best multi-modality imaging protocols, imaging library, innovative skill development learning modules & point of care services to patients.
Timings & Holidays
Outpatient (OPD) :
Monday to Saturday – 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Sundays & Public Holidays – Not Available
Emergency – 24*7

The department is equipped with a high end mammography unit for breast cancer screening.
Department is equipped with 6 fixed X-ray units with conventional and video fluoroscopy integrated with the DR & CR systems along-with 9 portable X-ray machines. This includes a high end state of the art 400mA DR mobile unit.

USG Machines
Department has high end machines with 3D & 4D capability & elastography applications.  Scans ranging from regular abdominal & pelvis, obstetric scans till high resolution musculoskeletal, Doppler scans & endoluminal scans are performed. The Hospital holds 25 USG machines including both stand alone and portable ones. These are stationed at various ICUs, Radiology Dept., OPDs & outreach clinics.

CT Unit
We have commissioned MDCT (Multi Detector CT)128 slices, dual energy CT scanner adding strength to the departmental diagnostic performance. All the earlier CT investigations like Denta scan, Cardiac CT, dual energy scans, Virtual CT bronchoscopy and colonoscopy, multi-planar reconstruction, 3D and VRT, angiography, Perfusion scan and guided interventional procedures are performed with highly improved image quality and lesser scan time. Various imaging guided interventional procedures are performed in a dept.

PACS System

The department is equipped with the most recent version PACS. The images captured are readily made available within a few minutes, to the clinician on their personal computers, located in OPD, Wards, OT and casualty etc. This has grossly reduced the waiting period for image viewing and hence faster patient disposal. The reports too are pushed through HIS coupled with RIS.

MRI Unit

The department is also equipped with the state of the art 1.5T MRI with 10 coils including special coils for wrist, shoulder, ankle and temporo-mandibular joint. Special studies which are done using this equipment include-

  • Volumetric brain imaging.
  • Diffusion,  ADC mapping , diffusion TENSOR imaging, tractography.
  • Perfusion imaging.
  • CSF flow study.
  • Chemical shift imaging (MR spectroscopy) with low, intermediate and high TE values.
  • Motion correction software for brain imaging.
  • Angiograms and venograms (2D and 3D TOF, PHASE CONTRAST, FLUORO-TRIGGERED contrast angiogram).
  • 3D FIESTA for cranial nerves.
  • Basic functional imaging.
  • Cardiac MRI.
  • Cartigrams and gradient imaging.
  • Whole spine coronal pasted images.
  • Whole body diffusion imaging.
  • Multiphasic tissue enhancement for abdomen and pelvis (LAVA).
  • Multiphasic contrast angiogram(TRICKS).
  • MRCP, MR urography and MR myelography.

CR system with 28 CR cassettes, two dry view cameras & two laser printers.

DR system – 1 Full room 640mA Dr system and 4 retrofit panels.

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