SDMCMSH was founded in 2003 by the great visionary Poojya Shri D. Veerendra Heggade, President of SDM Educational Society, who wanted to establish a Centre of Excellence for Medical Education and Healthcare for the people of North Karnataka at a reasonable cost.

SDMCMSH’s superb facilities are spread out over 70 acres of lush green grounds, with unique architectural structures. This portion of Karnataka State can be an excellent dream for many parents from various parts of India and abroad because of its spacious location away from the noise of buzzing cities, pollution-free environment and comfortable natural ambient temperature range.

SDMCMSH offers MBBS Undergraduate and MD & MS Post Graduate Degrees / Diploma in 22 Specialties in Pre-Clinical, Para Clinical and Clinical subjects. These courses are recognized by the National Medical Commission, New Delhi. SDMCMSH also offers Ph.D., Fellowship programs, B.Sc. in Allied Health Sciences and Certificate Courses. 

Two hospitals with a total of 1250 beds provide multi- and super-specialty care as well as 1500 outpatient visits per day. SDM Hospitals have stood as epitomes of excellent patient care, providing affordable health care services to the public, with the most modern hospitals, ultra-modern diagnostic laboratories, imaging department with MRI, CT, Ultrasonography, and conventional Radiology services augmented with digital services. The hospital’s central diagnostic lab is connected to all wards by a pneumatic tube system, allowing for speedier sample transfer and processing. The lab is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


To provide the highest quality of comprehensive healthcare at an affordable cost to the people of Northern Karnataka and to provide good clinical sup- port for the medical education and research; guided by sound ethical values.


To build an Educational Centre of Excellence in Teaching as well as Training, to render treatment at an affordable cost and to maintain standards, ethics and morale at a level the country may be proud of.


Providing affordable Higher Education to all students. Providing Health Services of high standards at affordable costs. Producing trained Health Care Providers and Skilled Workers to meet the increasing global demand.


Recognized by the National Medical Commission, New Delhi.


Poojya Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade

Hon’ble Chancellor, SDM University
The Vision Leader: Poojya Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade   
The Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala, Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade is a multi-faceted personality who combines in him many roles. Being the head of a religious institution that draws millions, he is the dispenser of justice whose word is law.  As the president of the Society, he is the guiding spirit and driving force behind the institution.
His vision of an educational model that blends the best of tradition and modernity has proved to be the most appropriate one for our culture and times.
Putting Value Into Education
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Educational Society(R), Ujire is a premier-non-profit educational organization, functioning under the aegis of Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala, which is known for a unique embodiment of Dharma. It is renowned for its Lord Manjunatha Swamy temple and the Dharmadhikari known as Heggade who practices ‘Annadana, Abhaydana, Aushadhadhana, Vidyadana as per divine injunction.  He also spearheads many programs related to rural development and social service. Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational Society, Ujire., is engaged in providing value based education through its schools, colleges, professional institutions such as Management institutions, Medical and Dental Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Ayurveda colleges and Naturopathy colleges in the state of Karnataka. Located in Dakshina Kannada district of the Karnataka state, SDM Educational Society is a center known for its educational excellence that has an outstanding track record of dedicated service in the sector of education and health.
The institutions of Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Educational Society have been built with faith in the mission and an all consuming passion that transcends the barriers of race and religion, caste and creed. SDM believes in the dissemination of knowledge with a macroscopic dimension to harness the best of the latent talent and translate it to the academic scenario. The society is instrumental in elevating the standards of education and empowering the youth with the strength of education in a broad spectrum of subjects. The perfect blend of education and spirituality attune students to the qualities of ethics, discipline, integrity and humanitarian spirit. The educational system followed by SDM is a glowing example of the amalgamation of modernism and ancient tradition. The principles of life are imbibed by the students and they become responsible human beings armed with knowledge and attributes of human element. The SDM group of institutions is trying to harness the infinite talent of wisdom and knowledge in their students.

Dr. Niranjan Kumar

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, SDM University
Keeping in with the prime objective of the SDME Society of providing value based education and social service, the SDM College of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Dharwad was established in the year 2003 to address the ever growing demand by the society for quality health care professionals delivering quality health care through quality infrastructure at an affordable cost to alleviate human suffering through healing hands. The Institution since its inception has garnered tremendous amount of goodwill from the public which is reflected in its unprecedented growth statistics. A new Super-specialty Block capable of housing 400 beds is under construction to accommodate the increasing patient population from all walks of life. The Management feels a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction noting that its services are reaching and helping the suffering and needy segment of the population. Students who have graduated from the Medical Institution are bringing laurels to the Institution through their conduct, character and practice of value based medicine. Great sense of pride and achievement fills our hearts and souls as we participate and contribute our efforts in fructifying the grand vision of our vision leader Poojya Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade.
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Dr. Ashok Naik

Medical Superintendent, SDMCMSH

SDM College of Medical Science & Hospital, Dharwad started in the year 2003, provides comprehensive health care under one roof not only to the population of Hubli & Dharwad but also to the entire northern and central Karnataka. A brainchild of our Rev. President Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmashtala, this hospital is growing annually at a very high rate of 30% consistently for the last 6years. Today the patient annual turnover touches an incredible figure of 5,00,000 outpatients, 54000 inpatients, and more than 15,000 major surgeries in a year. Overwhelming acceptance of the hospital by the community in a short span is a testimony to our objective of providing quality care to all sections of the society. Our extensive infrastructure comprising of 1200 beds, 18 operation theatres, 120 ICU beds, 25 Specialities & sub Specialities is comparable to the best in the region. SDM brings together a dedicated team of Physicians nurses and other health care professionals in preserving highest standard of quality and ethical values in patient care, education and research.

Ranks / Awards
# 1
Best Regional Hospital,
Awarded by Europe Business Assembly,
Oxford, UK
# 0
Ranked 8th under
South India Private Medical Colleges
Source: The Week Magazine,
August 14, 2022 issue
# 0
Ranked 13th under
All India Private Medical
Source: The Week Magazine,
August 14, 2022 issue
# 0
Ranked 14th under
All India Private Medical
Source: India Today,
4th July 2022 issue
# 0
Ranked 30th under
All India Medical Colleges
Source: The Week Magazine,
August 14, 2022 issue
# 0
Ranked 36th under
All India Medical College
Source: India Today,
4th July 2022 issue


The institution's distinctiveness is that it adheres to the highest educational standards, resulting in students becoming better healthcare professionals. The pupils' progress is tracked throughout the course. The institution also offers low-cost healthcare to the general population. The Medical College campus offers a lovely setting that provides a conducive study atmosphere.


SDMCMSH has skilled and well-trained doctors, in all disciplines. They have received national and international recognition for their efforts to improve medical education by collaborating with other societies and universities. Dr. Rathnamala M. Desai, Principal & Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, has been elected as National President of Family Planning Association of India (2021-2023).


Collaborations & Partnerships

SDMCMSH has worked on research and skill development projects with a number of federal and state government agencies. In addition, many departments conduct financed research and field operations.
The Institution is in collaboration with:

  • Karnataka University, Dharwad for Academic Research, Development and Extension Activities.
  • KIDNAR - Karnataka Institute for DNA Research, Dharwad for joint research in Genetic Analysis.
  • SDMCMSH is a partner institution of ECFMG's GEMx (Global Education through Medical Exchange). This gives an exposure at the global level whereby students from all over the world may opt to do elective clerkships in our institution. Our students will also get the reciprocal opportunity to pursue similar clerkships at the end of their internships. 

Infrastructure Highlights


Lecture halls are spacious to accommodate student strength. Class rooms are well equipped, air conditioned with smart boards. Each class room has facility for multimedia projection with audio-visual aids.


The ambience of the library is very conducive for studies with 15,000 books, and national & international journals. It is well equipped with all modern facilities such as, internet facility for online journal / books, audio-visual facility to watch educational videos and photocopying facility. Apart from this, each department has separate departmental library and audio-visual equipment. Remote access to books and journals is available online.


The medical college has state-of-the-art central laboratory which is fully equipped with latest instruments and manpower to cater to the needs of students. Every department has spacious well ventilated practical labs. These state-of-the-art labs provide excellent hands-on training to students. SDMCMSH also has a skills lab equipped with latest mannequins and BLS, ECLS and ACLS courses are conducted regularly.


A state-of-the-art museum contains sections of Pharmacology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine and Community Medicine. The museum consists of well-preserved specimens of the human body from head to toe and carefully crafted models and charts augment the entire experience.


Empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals.