Information Technology

Information Technology

The IT (Information Technology) department is responsible for managing, maintaining, and securing the technology infrastructure and systems that support the organization's operations and goals. Here are some key aspects handled by our IT department:

Software Development

This involves designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining software applications and systems that meet the organization's needs. The IT department is equipped with a dedicated Software Development Unit (SDU), whose primary responsibility is to develop software solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the SDM.

Infrastructure Management

This involves managing the hardware, such as servers, networking equipment, and storage devices, as well as the software and systems that run on them.


Network Security

IT departments are responsible for implementing security measures to protect the organization's data and systems from unauthorized access, cyberattacks, viruses, and other threats.

Software and Application Management

This involves installing, updating, and maintaining software applications used within the organization, as well as ensuring compatibility and compliance with licensing agreements.


Data Management

IT departments oversee the storage, backup, and retrieval of data, as well as implementing data retention policies and ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Strategic Planning

IT plays a crucial role in aligning technology initiatives with the organization's overall business objectives and strategic goals. This may involve assessing new technologies, recommending upgrades or investments, and planning for future growth and scalability.


Compliance and Regulations

IT departments ensure that the organization's technology infrastructure and practices comply with relevant industry regulations, such as data protection laws, as well as internal policies and standards.

Training and Education

IT may provide training and educational resources to help employees effectively utilize technology tools and systems, as well as to raise awareness about cybersecurity best practices.


User Support

IT provides technical support to employees or users who encounter issues with their computers, software applications, or other technology tools.