Rhinology Program

Rhinology Program


A Rhinology fellowship is the gateway to becoming a nose and sinus maestro. If you've got your sights set on this, you're likely already on the medical track.

To embark on a Rhinology fellowship, you typically need a medical degree and completion of an otolaryngology residency. The fellowship itself delves deep into the complex anatomy and function of the nose and sinuses. It's all about becoming the go-to expert for issues like chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and nasal airway obstruction.

During the fellowship, you'll fine-tune your surgical skills, getting hands-on experience in advanced techniques like endoscopic sinus surgery. You'll also likely be involved in research, contributing to the evolving field of rhinology.

Upon completing the fellowship, you'll be a seasoned specialist, ready to tackle a range of nasal and sinus issues. Whether you're addressing breathing problems or enhancing the aesthetics of the nasal profile, you'll be the nose whisperer.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pass in MS / DNB in ENT from an Institution / University recognized by National Medical Commission / National Board of Examinations.

Admission Process

  • Apply online¬†https://sdmuniversity.edu.in
  • Based on interview.
  • Provisional admission letter to shortlisted candidates.
  • Reporting to the institute for admission formalities.


1 year