General Medicine

General Medicine


Sl.NoAuthor/AuthorsArticle TitleNature of the article
Original Article/Case Report/Case Series
Journal TitleYearVol.Issue No.ISSN
1Dr.Hemamalini GururajA Study of adenosine and lymphocyte /neutrophil ratio in combination as diagnostic tool for tubercular pleural effusionOriginal research articleInternational Archives of Integrated MedicineAug-20782394-0026
2Dr.Mohan D KashinkuntiPlatelet Indices as a prognostic marker in dengue fever cases and number of days to improvementOriginal research paperIndian Journal of Emergency medicineJuly-September 202063p-ISSN2395-311Xe-ISSN2455-8370
3Dr.Naveen S KulkarniA Study of Fever with ThrombocytopeniaOriginalIndian Journal of Applied Research20201082249-555X
4Dr.Naveen S KulkarniA study of Malaria at Tertiary care hospital in North KarnatakaOriginal Research PaperParipex -Indian journal of research2020972250-1991
5Dr.Archana DambalWhat influences under-reporting of Paraquat poisoning in India?Original ArticleThe National Medical Journal of IndiaJan 31 2020--S65-S72
6Dr.Archana DambalDelivering disability competencies of MCI's revised competency based curriculum at a medical university in North KarnatakaOriginal ArticleMedical Journal Armed Forces India202177-ISSN 2347-954X (PRINT)
7Dr.Archana DambalClinico Etiological Profile of Pulmonary thromboembolism in a tertiary care hospitalOriginal Research ArticleScholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences2021---
8Dr.Archana DambalClinical Profile , need for dialysis and mortality of community acquired versus hospital acquired acute kidney injuryOriginal Research ArticleJCDR2021--ISSN 2347-954X (Print)
9Dr.DhananjayaMegaloblastic Anemia Presenting as Pyrexia of unknown OriginOriginal Research ArticleScholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences2021---
10Dr.Hemamalini GDelivering disability competencies of MCI's revised competency based curriculum at a medical university in North KarnatakaOriginal ArticleMedical Journal Armed Forces India202177-pISSN-2349-2562
11Dr.Hemamalini GClinical and Socio Demographic Profile of Poisoning Cases- A Retrospective study from Dharwad, KarnatakaOriginal Research ArticleJEBMH2021819ISSN 2347-954X (Print)
12Dr.Hemamalini GClinicoetiological Profile of Pulmonarythrombo Embolism in a Tertiary Care HospitalOriginal Research ArticleSJAMS2021---
13Dr.Kiran AithalDelivering disability competencies of MCI's revised competency based curriculum at a medical university in North KarnatakaOriginal ArticleMedical Journal Armed Forces India202177-ISSN 2347-954X (Print)
14Dr.Kiran AithalCerebral Venous Thrombosis - A Major cause of stroke in YoungOriginal Research ArticleSJAMS2021---
15Dr.Mohan D KashinkuntiSensitivity towards patient's presence to avoid violent situations in hospitals: An observatory studyOriginal ArticleJournal of family medicine and primary care2021103pISSN - 2349-2562, eISSN - 2349-2570
16Dr.Mohan D KashinkuntiBeta Thalassemia Trait among Antenatal Mothers and Those with Microcytic AnaemiaOriginal Research ArticleJEBMH2021828pISSN -2349-2562,
17Dr.Neelkanth PatilClinical and Socio-demographic Profile of poisoning cases- A retrospective study from Dharwad, KarnatakaOriginal Research ArticleJEBMH2021819ISSN 2347-954X (Print)
18Dr.Rajendrakumar PMegaloblastic Anemia Presenting as Pyrexia of unknown OriginOriginal Research ArticleScholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences2021--ISSN 2347-954X (Print)
19Dr.Shilpa HakkiCerebral Venous Thrombosis - A Major cause of stroke in YoungOriginal Research ArticleSJAMS2021---
20Dr.M.V.KalasurmathDelivering disability competencies of MCI's revised competency based curriculum at a medical university in North KarnatakaOriginal ArticleMedical Journal Armed Forces India202177-Online ISSN: 2349-4182, Print ISSN: 2349-5979 Page No. 25-29
21Dr.Naveen KulkarniA study of non-diabetic kidney diseases in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients presenting to tertiary care hospital in south IndiaOriginal ArticleInternational Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development202188e-ISSN: 2590-3241, p-ISSN: 2590-325X
22Dr.Naveen KulkarniA study of comorbidities, laboratory profile and the etiologies of urinary tract infection in elderly in a tertiary care hospital in north KarnatakaOriginal Research ArticleInternational Journal of Health and Clinical Research2021164E-ISSN 2091-0576
23Dr.Naveen Kulkarni, Dr.Neelkanth PatilImpact of COVID-19 pandemic on doctors clinical practiceOriginal Article/Case Report/Case SeriesAsian Journal of Medical SciencesMar-22133JULY TO SEPTEMBER 2022
24Dr.Naveen KulkarniA Study Of Clinical And Etiological Profile In Elderly Individuals Presenting To A Tertiary Care Center Of South India With Altered Mental StatusOriginal ArticleJournal Of The Indian Academy Of GeriatricsOct-22183ISSN 0974-1143
25Dr.Rikita Ramesh Mudhol
Dr.Mohan D Kashinkunti
Impact of COVID-19 on  practical examination for final year MBBS students in General MedicineOriginal ArticleAI Ameen J Med Sci 20222022152
26Ruth Priya Senthiappan1, Archana A Dambal2, Mohan Kashinkunti3, Kiran R Aithal4, Rajendra Kumar Parakh5Clinical Outcomes of Remdesivir in Moderate and Severe Cases of COVID-19: A Retrospective Cohort StudyOriginal ArticleJournal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research202317161270.174
27Dr. Siddaganga*, Dr. Archana DambalThe incidence, risk factors and outcome of new onset diabetes among post COVID 19 patientsOriginal ArticleAsian Journal Of Medical SciencesJanuary 29th 2023143(e-ISSN: 2091-0576);(p-ISSN: 2467-9100)


1PG: Dr.Akhila Nekkanti
Guide: Dr.Archana dambal, Professor
Topic: Contrast associated nephropathy in patients undergoing non-cardiac contrast-enhanced
computed tomography.
2PG: Dr Gourav Singhi
Guide: Dr.Hemamalini G, Professor
Topic: Study of serum vitamin D level in Adult Patient with Bronchial Asthma.
3PG: Dr Kartik Doddamani
Guide: Dr.Mohan D Kashinkunti, Professor
Topic: The role of red cell distribution width as a noninvasive index for predicting liver cell
failure and portal hypertension in cirrhotic patients.
4PG: Dr Kiran Digamber Revankar
Guide: Dr.Rajendrakumar Parakh, Professor
Topic: A study of Thyroid Dysfunction in Cirrhosis of liver and correlation with severity of liver
5PG: Dr Pramod B Patil
Guide: Dr.Shilpa Hakki, Professor
Topic: Study of Cerebrospinal fluid lactate as a diagnostic and marker for differentiating from
bacterial and aseptic meningitis.

6 PG: Dr Shardul Ramineni
Guide: Dr.Naveen Kulkarni, Associate Professor
Topic: Prognostic value of the lactate/albumin ratio for predicting outcome in patients with
pneumosepsis in intensive care units and wards.
7PG: Dr Swaraj Goud
Guide: Dr.K.M.Mohsin, Professor
Topic: Association of mean platelet volume with acute ischemic cerebrovascular accident among
patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-diabetes mellitus A hospital based study.

8PG: Dr T M Sharankumar
Guide: Dr.Dhananjaya, Associate Professor
Topic: Study of left Ventricular structure and remodeling in patients with COPD.

9 PG: Dr Jagadeesh K C
Guide: Dr.M V Kalasuramath
Topic: The study of role of gamma glutamyl transferace in predicting degree of stenosis of
coronary artery disease.
10PG: Dr Kiran Maruti Hukkeri
Guide: Dr.Kiran Aithal, Professor & HOD
Topic: Absolute Eosinophil count as a diagnostic and prognostic marker compared to C reactive
protein and Procalcitonin in Patients with sepsis.
11 PG:Dr.Yashika
Guide: Dr.Archana Dambal
Topic: Pattern of Furosemide Stress Test and its Correlation with Length of Hospital Stay,
Renal Replacement Therapy Offered and Mortality among Patients Admitted with
Acute Kidney Injury
12PG: Dr.Samarth
Guide:Dr.Hemamalini G
Topic: Comparative Analysis of Clinical Decision tools in Established Acute Pulmonary
Embolism in a Tertiary Care Centre
13PG: Dr.Manoj
Guide:Dr.Kiran Aithal
Topic: Clinical Utility of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring and Hyperbaric Index in
newly Detected Hypertensive Patients
14Dr Mohammed Ameen
Guide: Dr.M V Kalasuramath
Topic: Association of Microalbuminuria with the Severity of Acute Ischemic Stroke among
Patients Admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Guide:Dr.Naveen Kulkarni
Topic: Hand Grip Strength as a Additional tool as a Predictor for Success in Weaning
from Ventilation
16Dr Rakesh Naidu Yerrametti
Guide: Dr.K.M.Mohsin
Topic: Use of Modified Nutritional Risk Score in Assessing the Nutritional Risk in Mechanically
Ventilated Patients
17Dr.Manjunath Reddy
Guide:Dr.Mohan D Kashinkunti
TopicCorrelation of Anemia with Severity of Liver Cirrhosis as Assessed by Model for End Stage Liver Disease Score

18Dr.Srinkanth K B
Guide: Dr.Shilpa Hakki
Topic: Correlation Between Serum Prolactin and Severity of Liver Cirrhosis
19Dr.Kiran Kumar Rathod
Guide:Dr. Dhananjaya
Topic: Prediction of the Functional Severity of Chronic Heart Failure with Reduced Left
Ventricular Ejection Fraction by Aspartate Transaminase / Alanine Transaminase ratio


1Dr.Kiran Aithal, Professor & HOD - ICMR project: Principal investigator for Yoga & Heart failure along with Dr.Satish Pail (Physiology).
2Dr. Kiran Aithal, Professor & HOD - A comparative study of the trends in demography clinical features, laboratory and radiological investigations and outcomes of Covid 19 patients during first & second waves of pandemic.
3Dr. Kiran Aithal Professor & HOD- A novel pandemic operational module for patient care and health care management in a teaching hospital.
4Dr.Nauman M, Assistant professor- Clinical characteristics and its outcome in hospitalized adult patients with Covid 19 in second wave.
5Dr.N Akash, Assistant Professor - Association of HbA1c with Hypercoagulation, systemic inflammation and prognosis of patients admitted during the second wave of Covid 19 pandemic.
6Dr.Dhananjaya, Associate Professor - Electrocardiography and its usefulness in predicting mortality and morbidity in patients with Covid-19.
7Dr. Manjunath M Pradhani, Assistant Professor- The role of CRP & D-Dimer levels in predicting outcomes of hospitalized Covid-19 patients.
8Dr.M.V Kalasuramath, Associate Professor - Clinical profile & outcome of Covid-19 in relation to vaccination status.
9Dr. Vijayalakshmi K P, Assistant Professor- Predictors of duration of hospital stay in Covid-19 disease.
10Dr. Srikanth A K, Assistant Professor- Predictors of Mortality in Covid-19 disease.
11Dr. Rikita Ramesh Mudhol, Assistant Professor- Study of different oxygen delivery systems in management of Covid-19 patients in a tertiary care Hospital.
12Dr. Raina D’souza, Assistant Professor- Study of effects of Covid-19 pandemic on Doctors with relation to personal psychological physical and social life.
13Dr. Archana Dambal, Professor - A comparative study of Covid -19 presentation among health care workers (HCW) before and after the introduction of vaccines.
14Dr.Siddaganga, Assistant Professor -A study of risk factors and outcome of acute kidney injury in Covid-19 patients.
15Dr. Archana Dambal, Professor- A comparative study of clinical presentation and outcomes of hospitalized health care workers ( Vaccinated against covid-19) with those who received chloroquine prophylaxis.
16Dr.Hemamalini, Professor - A retrospective cohort study of patterns of corticosteroids prescription and correlation with in-hospital hospital outcome and outcome at six weeks.
17Dr.Ruthpriya, Assistant Professor - Clinical Outcomes of remdesivir in moderate to severe covid
18Dr.Ruthpriya, Assistant Professor- Factors affecting migraine and its impact on daily living
19Dr.Rikita R Mudhol, Assistant Professor - Impact of COVID – 19 on practical examination for final year MBBS students in General Medicine
20Dr.Anoop, Assistant Professor -Study of correlation between CT severity score and severity of covid 19 illness.
21Dr.Siddaganga, Assistant Professor- A study of incidence, risk factors for new onset diabetes mellitus and outcome in post covid patients.