About the Department & Specialty:

Established : 2003

Established in the year 2003 along with other major specialties, has been serving the needy sick children of Dharwad-Hubballi and also children of surrounding districts. From premature newborns till the age of 14 years, children’s all health needs are met with at most care and dedication.

Disease Profile Treated :

The department pediatrics serves most of the children’s health needs. Our department offers services like pediatric ICU (PICU) for kids aged 1 month- 14 years, Neonatal ICU (NICU) for all term and preterm babies till age 1-month, General pediatrics, transfusion dependent anemia and Thalassemia clinic, immunization services, Lactation services, Developmental pediatrics, Pediatric allergy and asthma, well baby clinic, high risk clinic for babies born with or had significant health issues during their early life. We have well developed milk bank where any mother can donate their precious milk to be served to tiny premature and other sick babies.

Our department is backed by well-equipped microbiology, pathology lab and biochemistry lab, blood bank, radiology department, emergency department.

We are supported by pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery services from Narayana Hrudayalaya where complex heart diseases are managed. We also have well established pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, pediatric Minimal Access Surgery unit which serves surgical needs of children. physiotherapy unit is providing advanced care for children with neuromuscular disorders, Infant Stimulation Program, post-surgery physiotherapy etc.

Specialty services for children are offered by other departments which include pediatric interventional radiology, pediatric hematology-oncology, pediatric plastic surgery, Child and family psychology, pediatric orthodontics, craniofacial surgery, pediatric dermatology, pediatric endocrinology, child psychologist & adolescent pediatrics, pediatrics ENT and, pediatric ophthalmology.

We also offer transport services for sick newborn babies and children; we pick them from referring hospitals for advanced acre at our center.

Timings & Holidays
Outpatient (OPD)
Monday to Saturday – 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
Sundays & Public Holidays – Not Available
Emergency – 24*7
Outpatient Services 
  • General OPD :
    Timings & Schedule – 09 : 00 am to 05 : 00 pm
  • Special OPD :
    Timings & Schedule – 09 : 00 am to 05 : 00 pm
Inpatient Services 
General Ward Admissions:
Non sick children are managed in general and special wards with all basic medical services and well-trained nurses and support staff.
High Dependency Unit:
Children who are recovering from critical illness who were initially managed in ICU will be shifted to High dependency unit and treated.
Intensive Care Unit:
Pediatric ICU (PICU) – This is an advanced intensive care unit for critically ill infants and children for high quality treatment and care. Very sick patients as a result of infections, trauma, metabolic diseases, congenital problems of heart kidney brain or other organs, poisoning, bites of animals will be treated here with care and passion. well-qualified dedicated nurses are available for care of these sick children. Neonatal ICU (NICU) – Critically ill preterm, term and low weight babies are given meticulous care at our NICU by well-trained neonatologists, neonatal respiratory physiotherapist and dedicated nurses. New born surgical problems are addressed by trained pediatric surgery team. Here neonates receive round the clock care, treatment and emergency attention.
Diagnostic Services
We offer allergen testing for allergic disorders like asthma and allergic rhinitis. Retinopathy testing, hearing testing are provided for all NICU graduates and others who require them.
Any special services
Regular rural heath camps, school health camps are our offering for community at large. Transport service to pick sick babies and children from other hospitals for advanced care is available round of clock.
  • Outpatient Department:
    General pediatric consultation, High Risk Clinic for babies, Pediatric sub-specialty clinics, Vaccinations, Growth and Development assessment.
  • General ward:
    Has 80 beds and trained 17 nursing staff and all required equipment to cater children admitted in ward.
  • High Dependency Unit:
    8 Beds and basic equipment for caring recovering sick children.
  • Intensive Care Unit:
    PICU is equipped with advanced ventilators, High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilators, High Flow Nasal Cannula Systems, Multi-Channel Monitors, cardiac Monitoring Systems, advanced pulse oximeters, carbon dioxide sensors, dialysis unit, Peritoneal dialysis, Bedside Ultrasound and ECHO Cardiography facilities, Defibrillators, ECG machine, round the clock radiology, blood bank and laboratory services are provided for the needy children. It has 24 PICU beds, well trained 17 nursing staff to care for sick children.
  • NICU is equipped with ventilators, High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilators, High Flow Nasal Cannula Systems, CPAP machines, Multi-Channel Monitors, cardiac Monitoring Systems, advanced pulse oximeters, carbon dioxide sensors, Bedside Ultrasound and ECHO Cardiography, neuro-sonography facilities, Defibrillators, incubators, warmers, transport incubators, led phototherapy units, bilirubinometer etc. It has 42 NICU beds, 24 passionate nursing staff and 10 support staff.

Regular training of MBBS and MD doctors in the field of pediatric advanced life support, Basic life support training for students and nurses. Health camps at schools and villages to identify pediatric health problems of community.

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