Diagnostic Services

Our Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory consists of specialized sections, each dedicated to a unique aspect of microbiology:

Bacteriology: Investigating bacterial infections.

  • Serology: Analyzing serum for antibodies and antigens.
  • Immunology: Conducting immunological tests for rapid diagnosis.

Mycobacteriology: Focusing on mycobacterial infections.

Mycology: Studying fungal infections.

Virology: Researching viral pathogens.

Parasitology: Examining parasitic infections.

Molecular Biology: Featuring NABL-accredited lab with Real-Time PCR equipment.

Our commitment to excellence in diagnostics is unwavering. We process more than one lakh samples every year, utilizing cutting-edge equipment, including automated blood culture systems, bacterial identification, antimicrobial susceptibility systems, biosafety cabinets, and more. Notably, we house the GeneXpert Machine, providing results within 1 hour for various parameters. Our Immunology section offers rapid tests for numerous infections, contributing to the swift diagnosis of various conditions. Our rapid diagnosis of diseases such as malaria and dengue plays a pivotal role in effective patient care. The Department contributed significantly during the Covid-19 Pandemic by establishing the ICMR-recognised Covid-19 RT-PCR testing, providing timely results always.

Despite having access to the best equipment, we take pride in offering diagnostic services to the community at an affordable cost. We’ve established a cost-effective PCR test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections, Acinetobacter baumannii, Diarrheagenic E. coli and continue to work on tests for other infectious and non-infectious parameters.