The Department of Microbiology is at the forefront of teaching, training, diagnostics, and pioneering research in the field of microbiology. Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for identifying infectious causes of various medical conditions, benefiting both patients and private hospitals in the region.

Head of the Department

Dr. Ajantha G. S. has a vast teaching experience spanning over 20 years. He has over 30 research publications, which have been featured in both national and international journals. He has an advanced training on Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases at the prestigious DRDO, Gwalior, further enhancing our department’s capabilities in this critical area. In addition to his teaching and research commitments, Dr. Ajantha G. S. serves as a guide for MD/PhD (Medical Microbiology) students at SDM University. He was elected as the President of the Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists – Karnataka Chapter for the year 2018-19, a testament to his influence and recognition in the field. Since 2019, Dr Ajantha G. S. has shouldered an additional responsibility as the Deputy Registrar at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara University, Dharwad.


Teaching Program

Our department is actively involved in imparting knowledge and training in various fields, including:

  • MBBS: We contribute to the education of medical students pursuing their Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.
  • MD (Microbiology): We offer postgraduate education in the form of MD (Microbiology) programs, nurturing the next generation of microbiologists.
  • PhD in Medical Microbiology: Our department offers a robust PhD program, providing advanced research and education opportunities in the field of Medical Microbiology.
  • BSc Nursing: Nursing students benefit from our expertise in microbiology, enhancing their understanding of healthcare practices.
  • BDS: Dental students gain insights into the importance of microbiology in dental healthcare.
  • BPT: Microbiology plays a crucial role in understanding infections and diseases, and our department contributes to the education of physiotherapy students.
  • BSc in Allied Health Sciences: We offer training and knowledge to students pursuing Medical Laboratory Technology and other paramedical courses.
  • B. Pharm: Our department extends its teaching expertise to students in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

The teaching schedule is highly disciplined and punctual, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education. We prioritize periodic assessments of students, followed by counseling for better performance, thereby promoting their growth and development.

Our undergraduate students benefit from a well-equipped practical hall and a museum. These facilities ensure hands-on learning experiences.

For postgraduate students, we organize a range of activities, including regular topic seminars, culture seminars, laboratory test seminars, sample seminars, and journal clubs. These activities promote a deeper understanding of microbiology and research.

A state-of-the-art PCR laboratory is available for training postgraduates in molecular techniques. The department emphasizes hands-on training in both conventional and modern techniques. Additionally, postgraduate students are posted to various diagnostic divisions within the department and deputed to other well-known institutes for specialized training, broadening their knowledge and experience.

Our Faculty

The best teacher in life can completely change life in a good way. A teacher is the best guide for everyone, he/she teaches us dedicatedly to make our future bright and successful.