The Department of Anaesthesiology is one of the largest clinical departments in SDMCMSH with qualified and well trained Anaesthesiologists, Postgraduate students and trained Anaesthesia Technicians. Apart from the operation theaters, anesthesia services are provided in all parts of the hospital round the clock. There are state-of-the-art operation theaters, surgical intensive care units and advanced anesthesia workstations which are comparable with the best health care facilities in India and abroad. Teaching and training is provided to Postgraduate students in Anaesthesiology and B.Sc in Anaesthesia Technology course. The department has a library with a collection of latest textbooks on anaesthesiology, intensive care, pain management, procedures, clinical pharmacology etc. 

Head of the Department

The Department of anaesthesiology is currently headed by Dr. Shrirang V. Torgal who has a vast knowledge of the subject and an experience of 25 years in Anaesthesiology. He is a trained Anaesthesiologist with work experience in various Institutes.  He is managing the resources at his disposal to the best possible outcome in the ever increasing workload. 


Teaching Program

MBBS students are exposed to the subject of anaesthesiology as per CBME curriculum. Weekly lectures covering various relevant aspects of anaesthesiology including the history and scope of anesthesia are conducted. They also get exposed to various anesthetic procedures in the operation theater during their OT postings. They have a structured program of practical training on rotational basis in all subspecialties of anesthesia to make them confident of handling a variety of patients. They are also presenting seminars, journal clubs and clinical cases as per the SDMU guidelines. They are evaluated periodically for their proficiency in theory as well as practical work. Postgraduates are also trained to conduct scientific clinical research by the way of dissertations. They are allowed to conduct elective as well as emergency cases under the direct supervision of concerned faculty. Students of various Allied Health Sciences courses like B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology ( B.Sc. AT), B.Sc. in Operation Technology (B.Sc. OT) are trained here with a thorough exposure to the practical aspects. They are taught about the principles of asepsis, sterilization of instruments, arranging OT equipment and assisting in anesthesia and surgical procedures.

Our Faculty

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