Conference / CME / Workshop

Conference / CME / Workshop

Conference / CME / Workshop

2020 Conducted – Conference / CME / Workshop

2019 Conducted – Conference / CME / Workshop  MICRO-KAR 2019

Workshop on Basic Surgical & Laparoscopy Skills – 2018

CME on “Renal Diseases & Pregnancy

Workshop on Qualitative Research

3 Days Academic Activity on Research Methodology and Statistics : Understanding Critical Thinking for Evidence Based Practice

International On-line Workshop on INTERGROWTH 21st (Assessing Newborn size by Anthropometry) & INTERPRACTICE 21st (Assessing Preterm Infant Feeding and Growth Monitoring)


KANCIPS – 2018

CME on Primary TKR & THR

XI Radiology CME – Chest Imaging Updates


‘Basics of NDT – Land and Aquatic for Children with Neurological Impairment’

CME on Hair Transplantation

Workshop on “Onfield Assessment and Management”

4th Hands on DNA-PCR Workshop

Workshop on Pediatric Vascular Access

Parenting Skill Workshop for Doctors

Update in Paediatric Urology 2018

CME on Principles of internal fixation with dynamic compression plate and locking plates

Workshop on POP Application Techniques and Splints

CME on Drug Discovery and Development

Basic Workshop for Post Graduates

Neonatology Workshop on “Therapeutic Hypothermia”

X – Radiology CME Imaging Update on “Ear, Nose & Throat”

FACRSI 2016 20th ACRSI Fellowship

Year 2005-2014

Year 2015-2016