Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Lending Policy

Only books placed under ‘Lending’ category are available for home lending. Generally, the first copy of every medical book purchased is kept under ‘Reference’ (R) category.

Materials other than those placed under ‘Lending’ category are available only for in-house use. They include dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, maps, charts, reports, standards, subject reference books, current journals, journal backfiles, WHO publications, theses, dissertations, audiovisual and multimedia.

Two books are issued under ‘Home lending’ service to the faculty members in lecturer and above category of teaching staff and one book each to tutors and equivalent grade teachers. The books are issued for a period of 15 days. Books issued under ‘Lending service’ can get re-issued one time on or before the due date. However re-issue is made only when there are no claims for the same book from other members. The re-issue may be done either by making a request over phone to the Circulation Desk or by presenting the book personally at the Circulation Desk. 

Students and non-teaching staff are issued books only for in-house reading. Junior Residents may avail home lending facility (one book) by paying a security deposit of rupees 2500.00. The amount deposited is refundable. The amount must be deposited at the college accounts office.   

The departmental heads / professors may borrow one subject reference textbook kept in the ‘Reference’ collection for overnight use. Under this facility, the books are issued only after 5.00 p.m. and must be returned to the Library before 9.00 a.m. on the next day.  

Books Overdue

A book issued under ‘home lending’ provision should be returned on or before the due date. In case of default, a fine will be charged at Re 5.00 per day until the book is returned.

Loss of a Book

Loss of a borrowed book must be reported in writing immediately. Overdue charges will be collected in case there is no such reporting. If the book lost is located and returned after reporting, over due charges will be collected till the date of returning of the book. However, returning of the located book is not permitted (unless otherwise approved by the head of the institution) after the payment of cost and other charges.

In case of loss of a book, an amount equal to 150% of the price printed on the book / publisher’s catalogue along with over due charges will be recovered from the member concerned. GOC exchange rate prevailing in the month of recovering of the loss will be taken into consideration to calculate foreign currency rate. In case of loss of a rare book, the charges to be recovered will be decided by the head of the institution or the Library Advisory Committee.

Rules Applicable to Computer & Internet Service
  • Computer facility is provided by the Institute only for educational use.  Hence, use of computers for personal purposes and playing games is prohibited.
  • Accessing unauthorized sites, Internet chat, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Personal files should not be saved.
  • Computer settings should not be changed and other software should not be loaded without permission of Internet Centre In-charge.
  • Undergraduate students can avail the computer and Internet service till 9.00 p.m. on working days and till 5.00 p.m. on Sundays and other public holidays.
Policy for Downloading Electronic Content
  • The access to electronic resources made available either through purchase / subscription by the Institution or through HELINET Consortium is meant only for academic purposes.
  • Only the selected articles, chapters of books etc. necessary for academic and clinical purposes must be downloaded. Downloading of an entire issue of a particular journal or a complete book is strictly prohibited.
  • When all / many articles of a particular journal issue or all / many chapters of a book are downloaded at a time or over a period of time, it leads to systematic / excessive downloading which might lead to the Licensor denying access to the Licensee Institute causing great inconvenience to entire community of users.
General Rules & Regulations
  • Personal belongings including bag, laptop bag, brief case, umbrella, files, folders, etc. should be deposited at the Property Counter provided at the Library entrance.
  • Users are required to leave apron, jacket, etc. at the Property Counter. Simple warm cloths are permitted during cold seasons.
  • Cash and other valuables should not be left at the Property Counter. Library accepts no responsibility for any loss.
  • Users must switch-off their mobile phone or turn it into silent mode.
  • Users must sign Visitors’ register maintained at Security check and enter ‘in’ and ‘out’ time.
  • Strict silence, discipline and decorum should be maintained in the Library premises.
  • Dress code of the Institute must be maintained during Library visit.
  • Users should behave in a reasonable and seemly fashion in the Library and should not cause disturbance to others.
  • Personal books are permitted except in the Journal section and Stack. Books including diaries and note books are not permitted inside the Stack. 
  • Reading halls are meant for individual study only. Engaging in discussion, conversation and group study is discouraged.
  • Users should not waste time in searching books and other materials the location of which they are not sure about. OPAC should be used to search bibliographic and location details of the materials. Library staff help also can be taken to trace the books and other materials which are not found easily.
  • Personal belongings should not be left on the reading tables unattended.
  • Reservation of seats by users either for themselves or for others by placing books or other articles on the reading tables and chairs is not encouraged.
  • Membership and borrower’s card are not transferable.
  • Loss of Library card should be reported immediately in writing to the Circulation Desk.
  • Incase of loss of a Library card, the member may request the Head of the Institution or Principal in writing for issue of a duplicate. A fine of Rs.100.00 will be levied for loss of a card. Damaged card will be replaced upon payment of Rs.25.00 as replacement charges. Both the payments must be made at the Circulation Desk.
  • Users should check carefully the books for missing pages and other damages before checking out.
  • Books borrowed for reading in the Library premises must be returned to the Circulation Desk after use.
  • Books must be handled with great care and protected from dust and rains. Damage to the books through mishandling, mutilating, underlining, scribbling and disfiguring must be avoided.
  • Care must be taken not to damage and disfigure furniture, equipment and the building.
  • Tables and chairs should not be disturbed from their position.
  • Users should not rest feet on the chairs, tables and book shelves.
  • Standing at the Library entrance, chatting and discussion disturbs readers.
  • Carrying and consumption of eatables and beverages in the Library premises is not allowed.
  • Chewing Gum is strictly prohibited.
  • Library is ‘no smoking’ zone.
  • Playing music and use of head phones and sleeping in the Library is prohibited.
  • Lights and fans should be switched-off when not needed.
  • Library cards must be returned to obtain ‘No dues’ from the Library. 
  • The rules apply equally to the Library and open reading area.